Cosmetic Fillings

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Composite Fillings

No one wants to show the world they have had a cavity...but that’s exactly what old-fashioned and dark fillings do everytime you open your mouth to laugh or yawn. We prefer to place tooth-colored cosmetic filling so your teeth look the way nature intended them to look.

What is the Newest Way to Fill a Cavity?
We are always looking for ways to protect both your oral and your overall health, and metal-free, cosmetic fillings give us another opportunity to do just that.

Like any metal, the metal in your mouth responds to changes in temperature. Whenever you eat or drink anything hot or cold, the filling will expand or contract accordingly. This constant expansion and contraction can weaken your tooth structure. It can also allow bacteria to get in under the filling and create decay. Almost every time we remove a metal filling, we finds significant decay and damage hidden under the filling meant to protect the tooth. Those metal fillings also contain mercury – and we are simply not interested in risking our patients well-being over fillings.

Our composite fillings are so strong they can even be used in your back teeth where the chewing force is the greatest, for a smile that lasts...and lasts...and lasts!

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