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Some teeth need a little more care and attention than others. Some children, for example, have deep grooves and fissures in their molars, and these grooves collect plaque and keep it there. Since the bacteria found in dental plaque causes tooth decay, the longer plaque remains on a tooth's surface the more likely it will be able to form a cavity. We can help prevent this by applying sealants to vulnerable teeth.

How Sealants Work
Simply painted onto the rough and textural exterior of a child’s tooth, they create a smooth and easy-to-clean surface. The protective sealant also makes it much harder for bacteria to get a foothold and helps protect from and prevent childhood caries.

How Sealants Look
Sealants blend in to your child’s smile and can only be seen if you peer right into the molars they are protecting. No one will know that those sealants are there, doing their job, and keeping your child’s teeth protected and clean.

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