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Teeth Whitening

Is your smile less bright than you’d like it to be or stained and discolored from a lifetime of bad habits? Do you have a special occasion coming up and would like to look your very best? Have you been feeling like your dull smile makes you look – and feel –older than you’d like? Smile whitening is a great way to whiten, brighten, and take years off your smile!

Here at Haake Family Dental, we offer the KöR Whitening system, a whitening method so wonderful it was judged by a respected dental journal to be the most gentle and effective way to whiten your teeth – permanently!

What makes KöR Different
Most whitening procedures require that you give up coffee, tea, red wine, or juice in order to keep your brightened teeth white. Not with KöR! You can go right ahead and eat and drink the things you love without sacrificing your smile.

No other dental product has ever been ranked higher than KöR tooth bleaching. The results are truly astonishing and it works even on tetracycline-stained teeth. Its whitening reputation and power coupled with low sensitivity are why we chose this system for our patients.

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